Challenges Facing the Funeral Industry

Our management solution transforms your everyday challenges
into solutions and adapts to your specific business. 

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Lack of communication between funeral home staff

Most funeral homes will provide staff with cell phones and use text messages as the primary form of communication; this is unreliable and does not provide us with information to know if the message has been received or read.

Funeral 365 has a portal to facilitate communication between staff members, and reduces verbal communication by using operations, tasks and to-dos by resource.

There are a lot of management solutions out there and none are truly adapted for funeral homes

Funeral 365 can work with your Funeral Home and adapt everything to a customizable solution catered to your company’s needs. This solution is fully customizable and will save you time and reduce risks of errors.

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Operation of a Funeral and Financial Solutions are found in the same spot

Our Solution has been designed by leading people in the technology world along with leading Funeral professionals, together a solution was formed that can bring your funeral home to the next level.

Manage all your activities within a single solution and break down the silos!

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