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Stimulate growth thanks to our team’s expertise

Funeral 365:

The most revolutionary
cloud-based management solution

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, we provide a modern, flexible and innovative solution. Our specialists have developed a solution that improves the day-to-day tasks of funeral directors to let them reach their growth objectives while providing the best customer experience.


Our management solution is comprehensive, yet remains simple enough to adapt to all user levels. User experience is simplified thanks to a strategically defined display based on each person’s roles and responsibilities.


Our solution is guaranteed to eliminate 95% of mistakes currently related to duplicate entries and the transfer of non-centralized information.


Data integration has never been as powerful as it is with Funeral 365!

Funeral 365 application demo

Meet Our Experts

Our team combines experience from the funeral industry with expertise from IT
to provide you with a solution that is perfectly adapted to your business.

Benoit Gagnon - CEO




30 years of experience in
Information Technology



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Eric Banks


Director of Sales and Business Development


35 years in business, marketing, sales operations management

and enterprise technologies




Jean-francois Labrie - Product Manager


Product Manager


Owner of a funeral home for more than 20 years and

teaches funeral services at university level




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